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Conversational Agents in Amsterdam

CONVERSATIONS 201 is a full-day workshop on chatbot research. It will take place on November 19, 2019 at the University of Amsterdam. From the description: „Chatbots are conversational agents which allow the user access to information and services though natural language dialogue, through text or voice. … Research is crucial in helping realize the potential of chatbots as a means of help and support, information and entertainment, social interaction and relationships. The CONVERSATIONS workshop contributes to this endeavour by providing a cross-disciplinary arena for knowledge exchange by researchers with an interest in chatbots.“ The topics of interest that may be explored in the papers and at the workshop include humanlike chatbots, networks of users and chatbots, trustworthy chatbot design and privacy and ethical issues in chatbot design and implementation. The submission deadline for CONVERSATIONS 2019 was extended to September 10. More information via

Fig.: A normal agent

Chatbots as Moral and Immoral Machines

The papers of the CHI 2019 workshop „Conversational Agents: Acting on the Wave of Research and Development“ (Glasgow, 5 May 2019) are now listed on The extended abstract by Oliver Bendel (School of Business FHNW) entitled „Chatbots as Moral and Immoral Machines“ can be downloaded here. The workshop brought together experts from all over the world who are working on the basics of chatbots and voicebots and are implementing them in different ways. Companies such as Microsoft, Mozilla and Salesforce were also present. Approximately 40 extended abstracts were submitted. On 6 May, a bagpipe player opened the four-day conference following the 35 workshops. Dr. Aleks Krotoski, Pillowfort Productions, gave the first keynote. One of the paper sessions in the morning was dedicated to the topic „Values and Design“. All in all, both classical specific fields of applied ethics and the young discipline of machine ethics were represented at the conference. More information via

Einfache moralische Maschinen

Eine Vorabveröffentlichung des Artikels „Einfache moralische Maschinen“ von Oliver Bendel bringt der Blog des Instituts für Wirtschaftsinformatik der Hochschule für Wirtschaft FHNW. Moralische Maschinen sind nach der Meinung des Philosophen und Wirtschaftsinformatikers bereits heute möglich. Man dürfe sie nur nicht zu kompliziert denken und zu komplex gestalten. Wenn es sich um spezialisierte autonome oder teilautonome Systeme handele, könne man bei ihren Kernfunktionen ansetzen und sie mit geringfügigen Änderungen, mit wenigen zusätzlichen Komponenten in einfache moralische Maschinen verwandeln. Wie das geschehen kann, wird an vier Beispielen gezeigt, an Servicerobotern, privaten Drohnen, Chatbots und selbstständig fahrenden Autos. Der Artikel erscheint im August 2013 auf der Plattform KMU Business World.