Schlagworte: Medical Machine Ethics

Machine Medical Ethics

Im September 2014 erscheint das Buch „Machine Medical Ethics“, herausgegeben von Simon Peter van Rysewyk und Matthijs Pontier. Es ist einem Teilgebiet der Maschinenethik und der Medizinethik gewidmet. In der Ankündigung von Springer heißt es: „The essays in this book, written by researchers from both humanities and science, describe various theoretical and experimental approaches to adding medical ethics to a machine, what design features are necessary in order to achieve this, philosophical and practical questions concerning justice, rights, decision-making and responsibility in medical contexts, and accurately modeling essential physician-machine-patient relationships.“ Es werden Fragen dieser Art aufgeworfen: „What theory or theories should constrain medical machine conduct? What design features are required? Should machines share responsibility with humans for the ethical consequences of medical actions? How ought clinical relationships involving machines to be modeled? Is a capacity for empathy and emotion detection necessary?“ Oliver Bendel geht auf „Surgical, Therapeutic, Nursing and Sex Robots in Machine and Information Ethics“ ein. Weitere Essays von KI-Experten, Robotikern, Informatikern und Philosophen sind „Do Machines Have Prima Facie Duties?“, „Moral Ecology Approaches to Machine Ethics“ und „Ethics of Robotic Assisted Dying“. Der Herausgeberband kann bei Springer bestellt werden.


Abb.: Cover des Buchs „Machine Medical Ethics“